What is AppCamp?
OK, but how does it actually work?
How do I apply?
What’s the application deadline?
What about development tools?
What do you mean by “Finalist”?
How long does the AppCamp last and where will it take place?
What’s the actual time commitment?
Is AppCamp open to students from any university?
Do I need to be studying IT/Computer Science?
Do you accept students from all years at University?
What if I have a great idea for an App but can’t/don’t want to program? Can I still get involved?
I understand the learning/training aspect of the AppCamp, but it sounds like there is a competition as well. Tell me more about that.
Are there any limitations on the type of app I can develop?
What’s in it for Kainos? What’s the catch?
What if I get bored or find I can’t handle it, can I quit the Camp early?
Is accommodation provided whilst I am taking part in AppCamp?