About AppCamp
Kainos AppCamp gives you the opportunity to be mentored by professional software developers, graphic designers and a marketing team to code your own app, and make your idea a reality. If you become a finalist, you’ll launch your completed app on the Apple App Store, under your own name and we’ll award prizes for the most downloads. At AppCamp, you’ll learn, design, build and launch – and have a lot of fun on the way!


AppCamp is part of the Kainos Digital Academy – a suite of initiatives aimed at nurturing digital talent in the next generation. We want to give you a head start in your careers as IT developers. AppCamp started in 2011, and we’ve held them across the UK in Belfast, London, Bristol and Swansea, – and also in Gdansk, Poland.




The AppCamp Experience

AppCamp gives you hands on coding experience – you can put what you’ve learned throughout your study to real practical use. You’ll be mentored by professional software developers, and get a real insight into what it’s like to work in the industry!
But don’t listen to us – we asked some of our past AppCampers what they took away from the camps and this is what they came up with.



Industry skills that uni won’t provide: multi-disciplinary understanding


Move you ahead of your peers on the career ladder and become employable


Insight into a real IT career and the kick start to get yours going fast!


Highly demanded training from professional, experienced mentors


Great prizes for the winners and rewards for all, if the rest wasn’t enough