A Round Up of Kainos AppCamp 2015
02 September 2015

With the end of Kainos AppCamp 2015 in sight, and as the finalists prepare for their apps to be released onto the App Store & Google Play, we take a look at the journey our AppCampers have been on since starting the programme back in June.


AppCamp is back, and its bigger than ever


This year AppCamp was run in 3 cities simultaneously – Belfast, Swansea and London, with the latter merging with Swansea after the initial 2 weeks of core iOS training. The Camps kicked off on 28th June, and this year the Belfast Camp stood out from the crowd by focusing on Android as the development platform. Undergraduates studying Computer Science/ICT, Electronics Engineering, Software/Electronics hybrids, Physics and Design joined us bright and breezy on the Monday morning ready to dig their teeth into app development.





Another day, another dragon


Like their predecessors, all of the AppCampers underwent an initial 2 weeks of app development training, building their skills from the ground up, whilst also developing an app idea to pitch to the dragons that they would later confront. The panel of dragons this year consisted of University and industry professionals. 30 AppCampers went in, 15 came out. Each year the finalist selection process gets tougher and tougher, with more and more talented people applying for AppCamp with great ideas, but after much deliberating between mentors and dragons, we had our finalists. This elite group of AppCampers had won themselves the chance to turn their ideas into reality, spending their next 6 weeks working within the Kainos offices, along with the help of the prizes they received for making it to the finals – sleek Nexus 9’s for the Belfast AppCampers and MacBooks for everyone at the newly combined Swansea camp.







Its all about the apps


Over the past six weeks, the AppCampers have had access to Kainos’s own graphic designers, and these services have been utilised well by the campers and can be seen very clearly in apps such as ‘Healthagatchi’ which is being made by Conor Fullerton and is very graphics intensive. Some of the other apps being developed include:


  1. ‘Game of Tours’, which is a Game of Thrones location finder and tracker, being made by Elliot Brown.
  2. First Response, which is a crowd sourced first responder to emergency situations, being made by Alex Crowley.
  3. Switch Access Trainer, which is a series of mini games helping Switch Access users to develop their switch skills in a fun way, by Ash Hood.
  4. SoundBuy, an app to help people decide where they may buy/rent a property based on noise exposure, made by Vicky Charvis.
  5. All of the other apps and AppCampers can be found at


As this year’s AppCamp draws to a close, I can say confidently that it’s been a huge success in terms of creativity, hard work and passion demonstrated by our finalists. The AppCampers are leaving with a wealth of new knowledge, and a few more friends. Make sure you check out the apps for yourself once they’ve been released (keep an eye on our Twitter @KainosAppCamp for the release information).


Thanks for reading and see you next year!


AppCamp Mentor,

Nathanael Holmes